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An Observation

At the end of 2009 I took a close look at a few of the usability gaps that I had seen with the use of content management and CRM systems. From an end user perspective we had reached a point where there were many layers of technical systems and interfaces between the end user and the information they sought. So much so that, then and now, end users are willing to work around the systems that should be making their work easier. Finding and reporting information is painful. I assert that this situation is due to discontinuities in organization structure and the over-layering of technical systems. I also believe that, in most organizations, talent is able and ready to address this issue, if the issue is recognized. Yet, companies are spending to implement enterprise tools that will enable the collection, organization and automation of reports. Meanwhile, end users will continue to rely on Microsoft Excel to do some of the same functions. Or, the fancy reporting tools will, end the end, be used to spit out information in a format that can be imported into Excel. My Lab is focused on addressing issues such as this. Here is a list of the projects active in the Lab: If you are interested in the above topics, a demonstration, or other ideas, please contact me.

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