Melvin L. Wilson

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Health Care/Pharmaceutical Consultant

Experience Summary

Mr. Wilson has expertise in Health Care/Pharmaceutical program management, outsourcing, account management, commercial Pharmaceutical IT executive management, systems engineering for the DoD and product engineering. Mr. Wilson has solid achievements in operations management, advanced technology, program management, and business management. He specializes in bringing parties together in a business arrangement that is mutually beneficial. He provides operations and business development support to ensure an excellent operational relationship.
  • VP Program Management & Business Development, VVIDSYS Consulting, LLC.
  • Senior Manager, Life Sciences, BearingPoint.
  • Pharmaceutical Program Executive, SAIC.
  • Account Executive Corporate and U.S. Pharmaceutical Accounts, and Director of Applications, SmithKline Beecham.
  • Director, Account Executive for SmithKline Beecham's World Wide Legal and Corporate Affairs functions.
  • Director of Management Information Applications development and operations for SmithKline Beecham, U.S. pharmaceuticals.
  • Business Manager for text and Image processing R&D contracts as well as R&D product development, Lockheed Martin.
  • Research and Development program manager for large and complex information systems.
  • Technology and Systems Engineering Manager for customer's on sight operations. General Electric Corporation.
  • Technical experience in Radar Analysis, Kalman Filtering, Digital Hardware Design, Software Development and Data Systems Engineering at GE Aerospace.

Employment History

VVIDSYS Consulting, LLC

Principle, VVIDSYS Consulting; 9/2008 - Present.

VVIDSYS Consulting provides Engineering and Technology services for the design and emplementation of Telepresence solutions including HD Video, Audio, VoIP and Meeting Place conferencing. VVIDSYS also provides Software Engineering services and application specific solutions.
Mr. Wilson is responsible for business development and program management and cloud content management techniques. VVIDSYS offers a ©Zero Footprint PMO approach allowing clients to engage its services with very low overhead and a focus on quality service delivery. Mr. Wilson established and operates a Zero Footprint PMO for a VVIDSYS contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services.


Senior Manager, Life Sciences, BearingPoint; 9/2006 - 7/2008.

Mr. Wilson supported the win of the IPMG (Isotretinoin Product Manufacturers' Group) iPLEDGE PMO (Program Management Office) program and was the iPLEDGE Program Manager during the start up phase of the PMO. 
Mr. Wilson was responsible for the development of new initiatives with Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck. This includes Client Relationship Development, Contracting, Account Management and Engagement Management.   He successfully increased BearingPoint’s exposure in all three accounts.

Science Applications International Corporation

Pharmaceutical Program Executive, SAIC; 9/2000 - 8/2006.

During this period Mr. Wilson served as the Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Program Executive and J&J Account Executive. He was responsible for program management oversight, relationship management, and business development.
Under a multi-million dollar fixed price contract with BMS, SAIC operated an applications help desk, performed testing and deployment activities for new and enhanced applications, and conduct maintenance and enhancement work on BMS Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI) applications. Additionally, SAIC provides IT, business process, and regulatory consulting services to BMS. Mr. Wilson and the program team negotiated a series of multi-million dollar contract extensions and managed outsourced operations with modified agreements based upon the changed needs of the client. This also included outsourced work in SAIC India. He established an OPX2 business management consulting capability used by BMS.
Mr. Wilson was also the Executive PM and account manager for J&J for the development of a PRI Compound Management System during the period from June, 2001 to March, 2002. This was a multi-million dollar project.
In 2002 Mr. Wilson participated in a $70M+ business migration win at a top five Pharmaceuticals Company. He provided related Program Management experience to the proposal team, he was on the Red Team, the Orals Red Team/Prep Team, and he was on the White Glove Team.
Mr. Wilson sponsored numerous client strategy discussions, white papers, proposals on innovative approaches to increasing Pharmaceutical industry performance.
Mr. Wilson obtained approval from the PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America) organization for SAIC to be a member of the PhRMA Science and Technology group.

SmithKline Beecham/Glaxo SmithKline

Account Executive and Director of Applications, U.S. Pharmaceuticals; SmithKline Beecham (Philadelphia); 04/2000- 09/2000.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for insuring the provision of technology service to US Pharmaceutical Managed Care and the Regulatory organization. He was responsible for the applications development, project management, maintenance and support for US Pharmaceuticals Finance, Trade Operations, and Managed Care and Regulatory functions.
Mr. Wilson provided the successful delivery of high system availability for all applications within a very lean cost model. He provided new product (Bexxar) Call Center IT Development and support staff. He managed merger related IT activities in support of the SmithKline Beecham, Glaxo Wellcome merger.

Director, Account Executive, Corporate Accounts; 03/1999- 09/2000.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for worldwide accounts management for Legal Affairs and Corporate Affairs organizations where he was the primary interface to all of SB's technology support services. He was responsible for Technology Strategy and for coordinating tactical support. This includes support for SB's Internet (SB.COM); SB's Intranet, Legal's Intranet, and a variety of applications and databases.
Mr. Wilson was Co-Chair of the Legal function's technology team. He was the prime investigator for the Legal function's knowledge management technology strategy. He was the IT PM during a Federal Trade Commission's Second Round data pull from SmithKline's US, UK, and Rixensart Commercial operations. He was the PM for SmithKline IT in support of the Glaxo Wellcome/SmithKline Beecham Merger Announcement exercise. He was the lead IT contact for "new media" activity in support of Corporate Affairs.

Director, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Internal Services Applications; 08/1997 - 03/1999.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for Account Management, Project Management, Applications Development, and operations support for Finance, Trade Operations, Human Resources and Information Technology organizations. He was responsible for the Y2K certification of all applications in this area with special attention to the order processing and accounts receivable applications. Mr. Wilson was responsible for Electronic Commerce, primarily EDI, for the revenue cycle and the supply cycle, and payroll. He was responsible for the US Pharmaceuticals Data Administration function. Major initiatives included an Order Processing Web Site; Web based billing system, development methodology combined with time collection and planning tools, and Customer Data base design.
With minimal increase in cost he supported a 46%+ increase in Orders, Returns, and Invoice transmissions in 1998. He supported a 23% increase in EDI transmissions and added forty-nine new Trading Partners; developed a WEB based replacement (KEYFILE) Billing Archives system; developed and piloted the Order Processing Web Site; completed the rollout of the new Sales and Marketing ad hoc reporting system; added EDI capability to the payroll system (PULSE). Mr. Wilson met all Y2K goals.

Director, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Applications Technology, 08/1995 - 08/1997.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for more than 57 business information applications supporting Finance, Regulatory Affairs, Sales, Marketing, Information Resources, and Managed Care. Cross business initiatives included Electronic Commerce, Information Warehousing, Document Management, Information Resources Work Process Management, Project Management, and Applications Technology Strategy.
He performed project management, requirements analysis, development, and operations management with a staff of six Applications Managers, one Chief Technologist, fifty-two associates, and more than fifty contractors. (The applications suite spanned small to large systems including Microsoft Office applications to SAP order processing, and complex document work flow management for Regulatory Affairs. The environment is diverse, hybrid and integrated with Mainframe, NT, and UNIX technologies forming a many-to-many interconnected client/server environment.)
Completed the following U.S. Pharmaceuticals projects by September 1997: RAR (Returns and Rebates) for Managed Care Finance, TOPS upgrade, "Simply Better" IMHC (Integrated Managed Healthcare Contracting - Phase 1), IMHC Archive System, PHOENIQS (Document Management for Regulated Medical Responses), RTIC, SCORECARD, Sales Force Rollout and Realignments, Y2K Pilot, SAPI (Sample Accountability system improvements).

General Electric/ Lockheed Martin

Manager, Technology Product Development; General Electric/ Lockheed Martin (Syracuse, Washington, DC, Valley Forge); 12/91 - 08/1995.

Mr. Wilson was the business Manager for Technology Development and Marketing in support of an $800M+ information systems business. This included the Program office for R&D, Technology Contracts, Applications Development, and new Product Development. He was responsible for identifying and winning new technology business. He was responsible for the business Technology Strategy.
Mr. Wilson transitioned high valued research into customer funded R&D, developed centers of excellence in Image Understanding and Natural Language Processing, won a major National Research community Image Understanding R&D contract, won a major National Research community Text Retrieval R&D contract, won competitive and sole source Text Retrieval applications contracts, initiated a 3 year $20M Information Technology R&D project, and performed numerous presentations of technology products and skills to existing and potential clients.

Manager, M&DSO IR&D Program; 04/91 - 12/91.

Mr. Wilson was the Program Manager for a multi-million dollar Research & Development program. He developed technology and investment strategy. He coordinated activities between associated laboratories, marketed the R&D program and successfully focused this program to deliver added value R&D to our clients. He eliminated low yield research.

Manager, Technology Insertion & Integration programs; 08/89 - 04/91.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for the profit, revenue, and staffing for three on-site customer funded Systems Integration and Engineering Programs in the Washington DC area. He achieved 90%+ award fees on all programs for all award fee periods; captured a sole source program that provided twice the profit of the most programs; obtained R&D funding to develop a prototype for B level network security; obtained customer funding to implement processor level network security.

Manager, Data and Expert Systems; 02/88 - 07/89.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for the application of Artificial Intelligence, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Data Compression, and Network Analysis Technologies to real-time operational problems in Telemetry processing and Signal Intelligence. He won customer funding to develop a Neural Network for the identification of artifacts in x-rays. He was co-author: Fast Mapping of Gravity Equations on a Linear Array; SPIE 1989. He was the lead for a program that reduced the processing time for Gravity Field Equations from the power of in terms to a multiple of n terms. He won the General Manager's Award for outstanding contributions to the Systems Integration business.

Senior Engineer; 08/84 - 01/88.

Mr. Wilson performed a variety of functions in a GE Information System Business (M&DS) in Washington, DC. He designed the technical architecture for a Software System used by navigational device engineers to build and analyze inertial navigation models; developed AI algorithms for interactive planning, re-planning, and, optimal path analysis under fault pressure for semi-automatic satellite control and telemetry monitoring; performed throughput analysis for the short cycle storage and retrieval of large volumes of text data. He was the Research Project Manager for techniques to develop and maintain an object-oriented database for non-technical users.

Engineer; 09/81 - 08/84.

Mr. Wilson was responsible for conducting Radar systems analysis and simulation. He performed a variety of studies (by evaluating algorithms and doing simulations) related to next generation Solid State Radar configurations. He evaluated slotted waveguide antennas and he evaluated the performance of Solid State Radar in Electronic Countermeasures environments.

Supervisor, Advanced Course in Engineering; 07/79 - 08/81.

Mr. Wilson managed the activities associated with GE's fully accredited (in NY) graduate program. He developed and delivered lectures, evaluated students, coordinated student's assignments, recruited, hired, and coordinated activities with the Syracuse University graduate school.

Advanced Course Program Engineer; 08/76 - 07/79.

Mr. Wilson investigated the coherence properties of SONAR data and its dependence upon the multi-sensory measurement geometry. He designed and developed commercial Radio test systems for GE Audio Electronics Products Dept. He developed Motorola 6800 microprocessor assembly software to perform functional testing of LSI clock IC'S employed in GE electronic digital radios. He designed, built, and tested an interface board used to transmit digital and optical information from a radio chassis to a microcomputer.
Mr. Wilson built, debugged and implemented hardware and software on an in-house developed microcomputer system used as a static test instrument for logic boards, Integrated Circuits, etc.

Education, Awards and Other Recognition


M.S., Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University, 09/76 - 05/80.
B.E., Electrical Engineering, Youngstown State University, 09/72 - 08/76.

Major Programs and Specialized Training:

GE Advanced Course in Engineering Graduate; 12/79. GE Experienced Manager's Course; 08/89

Other Qualifications:

Professional Recognition Program Nomination, 09/85.
General Manager's Award, 05/89
Co-author: Fast Mapping of Gravity Equations on a Linear Array; SPIE 1989.

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